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Sarah I Mathias, DDS, MS

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At Jungle of Smiles: Sarah I Mathias, DDS, MS, we turn routine dental appointments into absolute adventures! Led by pediatric dentist Sarah I Mathias, DDS, MS, our office is dedicated to providing top-notch dental care in an exciting environment.

Where Smiles Grow On Trees


Sarah I Mathias, DDS, MS

Through her child-friendly demeanor and playful attitude, Sarah I Mathias, DDS, MS sparks children’s excitement towards dental care, guiding them towards establishing habits for a lifetime of oral health.

Discover a Fun, Engaging Environment for Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric Services

Introduce your child to dental cleanings through our fun and interactive Child’s First Cleaning service. Trust our specialized team for gentle Baby Root Canals, ensuring your baby receives compassionate care. Join us in fostering lifelong oral health habits.

Preventative Care

Our pediatric dental office provides a comprehensive range of services to support your child’s dental health. From preventative care and sealants & fillings to crowns, space maintainers, mouth guards, and digital X-rays, our experienced team is dedicated to keeping your child’s smile healthy and vibrant.

Frenectomy Services

Jungle of Smiles specializes in frenectomy services. A frenectomy is a simple and safe procedure that can improve your child’s ability to speak, feed, and maintain proper tooth alignment. By reducing tension in the frenulum, our skilled team can improve the mobility of your child’s lips and tongue.

What Visitors Say

Encourage a lifetime of positive dental habits by scheduling your child’s first safari at Jungle of Smiles!