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Is your infant uncomfortable during feedings or having trouble latching? Perhaps your toddler is  having difficulty pronouncing certain words? A frenectomy may be the answer. Dr. Sarah Mathias and her team perform safe, simple, and laser-powered frenectomies. Our goal is to improve your child’s feeding, speech, and tooth alignment. With enhanced lip and tongue mobility, your child will be ready to rock their smile like a true superstar!

Jungle of Smiles: Sarah I Mathias, DDS, MS,  specializes in providing top-notch frenectomy services for our little rockstars in Orange County. Join us in Laguna Hills, CA, and discover why Dr. Sarah Mathias is the most loved pediatric dentist in the whole jungle.

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Does my child really need a frenectomy?

Our expert team will assess your child’s condition during a complimentary consultation. If your newborn is struggling with feeding due to tongue or lip tie or if the condition won’t resolve itself naturally, we highly recommend a frenectomy for optimal oral health.

Is a frenectomy worth it?

Absolutely! After the procedure, mothers have reported immediate pain relief and improved nursing for infants. Children with speech difficulties can also benefit from tongue tie removal.

Is a frenectomy affordable?

Don’t fret about frenectomy services! We’ll work with you to explore insurance coverage options. If needed, we can also discuss flexible financing plans through CareCredit®. Your child’s smile is priceless, and we’ll find a way to make it happen!

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